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Kansas City, MO Cars Under $250/mo with Fair Credit

All online used car and truck listings below are priced under $16,000 dollars for people with no money down and fair credit in Kansas City. Buy a car for less than $250 a month with a credit score near 675 in Clay, or Jackson, or Platte County, and KCMO Missouri. Budget used cars and trucks with car loan payments around $200, 250, 300 a month near greater Kansas City, MO.

Payments vary by FICO score, if your credit score is not in the 650, 675, 700 range select one below to find the best used car with the loan or lease payment you're looking for:

To find the car loan financing interest rate that you qualify for either check your credit score, or request a fair credit auto loan under $250 /mo in Kansas City, MO before visiting Metro Kansas City Missouri used car lots.

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Monthly or weekly lending payments for people with credit are based on an estimated car loan term of 72 months and an auto finance interest rate based on a less than perfect credit with no money down towards the pre-owned luxury dealership's used car list price. Automobile sales tax, and local MO used car lot fees were not included when calculating an auto loan payment less than $250 a month, or under $69 per week. If you cannot budget money to pay the TT&L fees when buying a used car, add an additional $55 per month for every $1,000 borrowed from the auto loan lender.